Karima Rhanem at the European Commission and Parliament in Brussels

Karima Rhanem took part in a week long European Union exchange program in Brussels where she had several meetings with European and Belgian members of the parliament and officials from the European commission.

Karima Rhanem discussed issues related to Morocco-EU relations, Morocco advanced status, Sahara conflict, Morocco’s reforms, EU neighborhood policy, regionalization, development, security, civil society, media, the fuctionning of the EU, lobbying and other important questions.

12144936_547680998718284_2620724769760345288_n (1)With the vice-chair of the sub-committee on Human Rights at the European Parliament

12037985_548317441987973_1872151254448508919_nWith Moroccan diplomats at the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of Morocco to the EU in Brussels

Categories: Diplomacy

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