Karima Rhanem, Panelist in Green Economy Working Plenary Session At Crans Montana Forum

 Crans Montana Forum New Leader of Tomorrow Karima Rhanem from Morocco spoke about the role of youth and civil society in Environment Education, along with ministers of environment and professionals from the private sector in Africa. The panel was organized during the Forum’s 25th anniversary held in Morocco on July 19-21, 2014.

She emphasized on the importance of investing in environment education and outdoor learning by engaging youth and civil society in a participatory process given the role they play in raising awareness campaigns and peer education.

“Today’s young leaders need to be equipped for tomorrow’s challenges more specifically those related to climate change, “said Karima Rhanem


She added that “to grow the next generation of conservation leaders requires a commitment to providing them with environmental education. Youth can transfer their knowledge into positive environmental action in their own schools and communities.”

Therefore, involving youth in organized efforts to promote environmental sustainability has important implications on youth themselves and that of their communities.



Karima Rhanem also spoke about the role of media in environment education, giving the example of young reporters for the environment program and how it helped educate youth and journalists about the devastating impact of environment degradation and the need to preserve it.


Categories: Diplomacy, Environment, Youth

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