Karima Rhanem takes part in UNDP Youth Consultative Meeting in Amman



Karima Rhanem from Morocco presents findings on youth civic engagement and political participation in the Arab world in the first UNDP youth consultative meeting in Amman, Jordan

Moroccan civil society actor Karima Rhanem took part  on September 7-8, 2014 in Amman, Jordan in UNDP’s second youth consultative group. UNDP is currently preparing the upcoming Arab Human Development Report 2015 which will address the issues of youth in the Arab region. In this regard, a youth consultative group has been formed, aiming to promote genuine youth-led reflections on development choices in the Arab region, through meaningfully consulting young people to bring their voices to policy-makers.



The group had its first meeting in Amman, Jordan on May 7-8, 2014 with the participation of 24 youth from 16 Arab countries, and is holding it’s second in September.

During this meeting members were  given the space to provide critical input on the key findings of the report. Participants also had a training on how to administer the Arab Youth Time Use Survey “Wakti”, planned to be conducted across the Arab region in the Fall 2014.


Five main themes will be discussed in the meeting:

  1. Youth human capital: education and health
  2. Youth employment
  3. Youth and political participation, and civic engagement
  4. Youth in countries in transition, crisis or post-conflict
  5. Youth and gender, women empowerment, family and independence
A group of young Arabs calling it a stop to end sexual violence

A group of young Arabs calling it a stop to end sexual violence

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