Karima Rhanem Awarded for Civic Engagement in National Dialogue

13854_238455149640872_1897404956_nMoroccan journalist and civil society activist Karima Rhanem was awarded on May 15, among sixty other members of the National Commission in charge of Dialogue on Civil Society and New Constitutional Prerogatives, for her civic engagment and dedicated work in a historic national dialogue between Moroccan State and society aiming at implemeting constitutional prerogatives related to civil society in a participative approach. The award was presented by the Ministry in charge of Relations with the Parliament and Civil Society and was handed over by the head of the Government.

The dialogue which lasted for one year (march 13, 2013 to March 21, 20141002040_257826357703751_306973937_n) concluded its mission with an integrated draft code, addressing the formation of associations and their participation in public policy decision making process. The draft code stems from recommendations of the Moroccan Commission on National Dialogue, which included civic organizations in Morocco, as well as Moroccans living abroad.  The Commission met regularly over the past year to discuss better ways to empower Moroccan civil society organizations and engage Moroccan citizens as an integral part of debate and decisionmaking on public policy.

Highlighting the importance of public participation, King Mohammed VI has directed Mr. Abdelilah Benkirane, the head of government, to designate March 13 a National Day of Civil Society. The national holiday will highlight the crucial work of civic organizations and other stakeholders as participants in public advocacy and will emphasize the importance of the power of civil engagement to Moroccans.


Talking about the king’s decision to mark March 13 a National Day of Civil Society, Mr El Habib Choubani, Minister in charge of Relations with the Parliament and Civil Society said: “The adoption of a national day to celebrate civil society is historic royal decree. This is an occasion to honor and celebrate the effort of civil society in Morocco, and to open a public dialogue to evaluate the past experiences and explore the future prospects.”











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