Morocco, Only African Country to Take Part in NY Model UN

By Karima Rhanem


New York – A delegation of 16 students from Morocco’s School of Governance and Economics (Ecole de Gouvernance et d’Economie, EGE) are taking part from March 30th  through April 3rd in New-York Model United-Nations (NMUN).

The students’ delegation from Morocco, the only African country to participate for the second time in NY Model United Nations, will represent the Republic of Sudan. The delegates will take part in eight committees and will discuss diverse topics ranging from peace and security issues to climate change challenges.

Souleimane Jiddi, head of the delegation and chair of EGE Diplomacy Leaders Club, expressed his joy and pride to represent Morocco and the whole African Continent.

“We are the only African country taking part in this MUN. We are proud to be ambassadors not only for Morocco but also for the whole continent and the voice of its youth,” he told MWN.

“We are also honored to be among the few Arab schools participating in this huge annual UN youth gathering,” he added.

As outlined by King Mohammed VI in numerous speeches, “Morocco needs more than ever a renewal of its elite to increase its active and important contribution to global governance.” This involves training young people and providing them with various tools and mechanisms to enable them to better understand how international relations functions.

“Mastering the UN process, the development of UN resolutions, the ability to defend the interests of a country, while respecting the international conventions and protocols, represent a major asset for us as part of this training,” says Bassam Chakrane, another Moroccan delegate.

“We are determined to come back to the Kingdom with many awards to honor our school, and our country,” he added.

The New-York Model United-Nations is one of the most prestigious and the oldest Model United-Nations worldwide. Each year, the simulation gathers nearly 5.000 students, as well as numerous United-Nations and Foreign Policy professionals.

This learning event is an opportunity for all the participants to witness, experience, and acknowledge the United-Nations system. The work provided throughout the simulation is subject to careful consideration by the United Nations apparatus such as the General Assembly and the Security Council.

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