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Casablanca finally has its first police novel


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By Karima Rhanem

Morocco World News

Rabat, June 9, 2013

Have you read black series or Agatha Christie in your teenagehood? have you watched Alfred Hitchcock or Crime Scene Investigation? do you love mystery and suspense? On June 20, you have the chance to read the long-awaited Moroccan Police Novel “Inspector Dalil in Casablanca” by Moroccan writer and journalist Soufiane Chakouche.

Published by Casa Express Editions, the novel tells a story of Dalil (proof in English) a brilliant police inspector from Tangiers with a devastating humor. On the day of his 50th birthday, when he was planning to visit the beautiful Rayna in cadiz, he got another mission, but first of its kind: to stop a dangerous serial killer in Casablanca.

The killer adds fuel to fire by assassinating public figures known for their opposition to the regime in the context of “Arab Spring.” The police and crime scene investigators are dispatched in different dark corners and lost in the madness of crowds.

Intrigue, wordplay, anagrams, puzzle to a reader who loves to read between the lines. With this first novel, the thriller author of “Inspector Dalil in Casablanca” Soufiane Chakouche  signs a new era in Moroccan literature. With Inspector Dalil, Casablanca finally gets its first police novel.

Moroccan writer and journalist Soufiane Chakouche

Moroccan writer and journalist Soufiane Chakouche

Inspired by Casablanca where he was born, author Soufiane Chakouche said that “there is an incredible movement in Casablanca streets, you meet people from all walks of lives with different stories, and millions of things happened there every signle minute. As you read the novel, you will see unprecedented things and I tried as much as I can to engage the reader to solve a puzzle  of the murder.”

The character of “Dalil” was born during Chakouche’s first novel “the third eye” published by Marsam editions in 2010, after taking part in the French Cultural Center’s national contest “the new black,” referring to police novels. Soufiane Chakouche was selected among  the eleven winners. And the journey of writing begins. Inspector Dalil became popular among the public who has been awaiting a new adventure. The writer’s background in engineering and statistics increased his reasoning ability and made him a perfect writer for this writing style.

So do you think that inspector Dalil will be able with the help of his hacker nephew to stop the serial killer known for using Beretta, a semi-automatic pistols made in Italy? Rendez vous June 20 in Morocco ‘s libraries.

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