Karima Rhanem, MWN Moroccan Good Will Ambassador of the year

Morocco World News – New York, December 31, 2012


Morocco World News editorial team chose Karima Rhanem, to be Moroccan Good Will Ambassador of the year for the work she has done throughout her career, especially in 2012 to bridge the gap between different cultures. She always carries the same message with her in international events: a peaceful, tolerant Morocco that enjoys unity in diversity.

Karima Rhanem is a Development Outreach and Communication specialist, and researcher in governance and public policy with over 12 years of experience in youth and civil society programs. She began her career as a freelance journalist with several national and international print and electronic media. She then worked as “Managing Editor” of the online English language paper “Morocco Times.”

She currently works as a communications and media specialist with an international development agency in Morocco. With a rich international experience, Karima Rhanem participated in the 2003 Young Ambassadors MENA Leaders Program at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania (USA) and at the Youth General Assembly at the United Nations in New York in 2011.

She has also participated as a speaker and workshop facilitator at several conferences – in Europe, USA and the MENA region – designed for youth inclusion and empowerment and for the use of media for sustainable and human development. She has received several awards from international institutions for her creativity in communications, management of youth and civil society programs, and for her efforts in promoting good governance and peace in the MENA region.

She also participated in the creation of several non-governmental organizations such as “Dialogue for Peace Association ” and in the organization of various youth forums at the national level. She was recently elected president of the Moroccan Association for Development and Parallel Diplomacy.

Karima Rhanem holds a Bachlor Degree in Languages and Communication Studies from “Institute For Leadership & Communication Studies” in Rabat, a Higher University Degree in Governance and Public Management at the Mohammed V University. She is also pursuing a Masters in Journalism at the Paris Higher School of Journalism (Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme – Paris). She speaks Arabic, French English and Spanish.

Karima Rhanem traveled to over 40 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East & North Africa and the Golf. She had one common objective: to promote Morocco’s values & culture abroad while being very open to exchange and learn from others. She has never hesitated to transfer the knowledge she gained through her international travels to her peers, colleagues and partner NGOs.

In 2012, Karima Rhanem was a good will Ambassador par excellence. She took part in a number of international and cultural diplomacy events. She was a guest speaker on Morocco’s reforms, youth policies & women’s rights in Morocco post Arab spring. Among the events where she had a remarkable participation: The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the UN in Geneva, the Economic and Development symposium in Berlin, the Institutional meeting of youth organization in Rome Italy, World conference on Sound Governance and the Arab Spring in Morocco, The Yala Young Leaders Peace and Economic Cooperation Summit in Berlin, the Lisbon Forum in Portugal, the North South dialogue on Civil society and Public Powers in Tunisia, etc.

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