Hamas chief commends Morocco’s reforms, calls on its Leadership and People to sustain it

By Karima Rhanem – Morocco World News

Rabat, July 14, 2012

In his first visit to Morocco to attend the Justice and Development Party’s 7th congress meeting, Hamas Chief Khalid Michaal commended Morocco’s leading experience in reforms and called on the Kingdom’s leadership to sustain it.

Michaal added that the “damage that happened in the Arab region needs joint and collaborative efforts in order to meet the needs and aspirations of the peoples of the region”. He added that “one hand doesn’t clap by itself and even if a given party won 90% of seats from ballots, it cannot handle complex issues by itself”.

He also called on political forces in Morocco and the Arab region to “follow ethical standards in political competition and collaborate more for the benefits of the people and the high interests of our countries”.

“I call on leaders of the Arab region to be patient for few months for people’s demands since the latter have been tolerating them for decades,” he stressed adding that people need more justice, more dignity and more freedom.

The more than 2000 congress participants chanted while Hamas chief was talking about unity: “Ya Fath Ya Hamas Al wahda hia al assas” (Fath and Hamas, Unity is the basis), calling the two parties to be united for Palestine”.

Hamas Chief stated that they are working on reconciliation between Hamas and Fath and hoped Morocco will play a key role in this peace process in coordination with the Egyptian leadership.

In the meantime, the Justice and Development Party’s Secretary General and Government Head, Mr Abdelilah Benkirane, said in his opening remarks that “ the party’s normal congress is held in an exceptional period after the change of the political map in the region, emphasizing that “people are fed up with leaders monopolizing their people, and the country’s wealth as if they have inherited it from their parents.”

As the voices in the congress raised saying “Achaab yorid iskat al fasad” (People wants Corruption down), PJD’s secretary General said that the periods of tyranny, dictatorship and corruption is over because people cannot accept it anymore.

The secretary’s General didn’t forget to express his solidarity and that of the Moroccan people with the Syrian people. “The People of Syria are courageous people. I’m sure, God willing, that they will win in the end,” he said, referring to the 16-month-old conflict which activists say has left more than 17,000 people dead.

The PJD’s 7th Congress meeting held on July 14-15 was attended by several world political and civil society leaders and intellectuals. These included but not limited to Yemenit noble prize winner, Tawakkol Karman, Azzam al-Ahmad, leader in Fath party, Khalid Michaal, Hamas Chief, Aljazeera renowned journalist Ahmed Mansour, Deputy head of the Turkish AK party and the Deputy head of Spanish Popular party.

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