Morocco’s reforms, model in the Arab region, Mark Donfried


By Karima Rhanem

Morocco World News

Rabat, July 2, 2012

Mark Donfried, founder & Executive of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin told Morocco World News that Morocco’s reforms post Arab Spring could be a “model in the Arab region.”

“We see certain stability in Morocco; you don’t have the same protests, the same revolutions, or a huge gap between the King and his people. You ask why it is functioning well in Morocco compared to other countries in the region,” he said.

Donfried also commanded Morocco’s leading experience in cultural diplomacy, giving the example of the Fez International Sacred Film Festival and other initiatives which aimed at preserving the cultural diversity and pluralism of Morocco.

Evoking scientific research, Donfried said that very limited research is done so far in the field of cultural diplomacy. He also explained his institute efforts in advancing research and education in the field through their academy for cultural diplomacy. The latter is  the world’s leading center for the study of cultural diplomacy, offering educational opportunities ranging from week-long seminars for undergraduate students and interested professionals to master’s and doctoral programs for graduates pursuing careers in academia, diplomacy, government and/or the private sector dedicated either wholly or in part to the field of cultural diplomacy.

The Institute is expecting to hold a forum entitled “Germany Meets Morocco” in the coming months in Berlin as well other events in Morocco in the fall.

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